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Pearson IT Certification is the leader in IT certification learning solutions, with a long tradition of delivering proven learning tools and educational training materials that have helped certification exam candidates succeed. Learn from world-renowned authors such as David Prowse, Wendell Odom, Kevin Wallace, Brien Posey, Sander van Vugt, and Thomas Erl and a suite of products and solutions that address the learning, preparation, and practice needs of a new generation of certification candidate. Pearson IT Certification is your source for the highest-quality learning solutions. Learn more.

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Exam Profiles

Exam profiles are the perfect tool to help you prepare for your next exam. Learn exam details, tips and tricks, recommended study resources, and much more.

Exam Profile: Cisco 200-301 CCNA
Wendell Odom explains the differences between the outgoing CCENT/CCNA exams and the new consolidated CCNA 200-301 exam, gives context for the exam as a stepping stone, and recommends additional study resources.
Exam Profile: CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001) & CompTIA A+ Core 2 (220-1002)
David L. Prowse walks through exam details, highlights trouble spots, offers preparation hints, recommends study resources, and suggests next steps for the CompTIA A+ Core exams.

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Ranking Certifications (2016 Edition)
Employers look for and seek out certified IT professionals, but generally prefer candidates who possess both college degrees and specific certification credentials. Aspiring or active IT professionals can benefit from an informed evaluation of certifications in terms of the time commitment, cost, and other factors involved in earning such a credential vis-a-vis the ultimate financial or career advancement that such an investment can return. In this article, Ed Tittel and Mary Kyle look at one method for rating and ranking IT certifications.
Mitigation Technologies for E-mail-Based and Web-Based Threats
This chapter from CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide covers the Cisco E-mail Security Appliances (ESA) and the Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) technologies and solutions in detail. You will learn mitigation technologies such as spam and antimalware filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), blacklisting, e-mail encryption, and web application filtering.
Routers and Switches and Hubs, Oh My! An Introduction to Network Devices and Their Functions
Sean Wilkins, co-author of CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator, discusses some of the most common network devices that network engineers need to know and understand.
Video: CompTIA Network+ N10 006 Complete Video Course: IP, ICMP, UDP, and TCP
In this excerpt from CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Complete Video Course, Kevin Wallace takes a look at some popular protocols, including IP, ICMP, UDP, and TCP.

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